Accelerate Your Task with Confidence

We build the apps to facilities your daily work.

We don’t just build the standalone application, we build applications which run on the other ecosystem.

We are here to to support/consult on demand

We are willing to give advice to help your resolve the problems/issues.

How we do that?

We keeps researching the needs of the market. Then, we do some brainstorming before making an implementation.

KK Corporation founded in early 2012 at Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Our mission is to leverage the technology in order to make everything becomes straight forward and be able to solved.


We keep collecting the ideas, and pick the most interesting idea to implement it. To ensure, it will bring the greatest value to our users.

High Quality

Quality is one of the biggest criteria which we commit to deliver to the market. A quality control team is here to ensure it happens.


Stay with us, you are truthfully benefited with the cost effectively. Because we provide an end to end software development cycle.