Simple Worklog

Worklog report is easy to list out via Simple Worklog. It is ready on Atlassian Marketplace. Just with a few of click, the worklog report is generated.

Home Page

Just click on button “View Worklog”, it will list out the worklog of all projects of this month. To narrow down the scope of the worklog report, you are easily to input the report criteria to meet your need.

Sometimes, you will have a need to extract the worklog report, and this feature are also supported too.

Below are highlight features included:

  • Bookmark Report criteria
    • Report criteria can be saved with the name
    • It can be repeated in the future.
  • Customize the look & feel of the report via Setting Panel
    • It is easy to add your country holidays and treat them as non-working days.
    • Especially, you can input the regular working days per week and working hours per day.
    • Additionally, you can set the color for cell to represent its value such as under working hours, over working hours, etc.